Horticultural Services

Woman Working in Greenhouse
Horticultural Advice 

Our Horticulturist are trained to give professional advice with over  100 years combined experience we assure you will be served with nothing  but professional, knowledgeable & quality advice. our Horticulturists specialise in Plant identification, Pruning, Pests & Dieses, Soil types, weather conditions & Fertilisers as well as many more.
Styled Garden
Garden Design & Consultation

we offer a Garden design & Consultation services at Pearson's. We have a passionate Garden Designer with impeccable design skills capable of capturing the difference of each clients needs and structuring the garden to complement the property. Our most popular Package includes a 1 hour consultaion at the clients property where then the client is able to come in on any particular day where they have one on one guidance through their plant purchasing based on the reccomendations of our Garden designer then a basic mud map is drawn based on the purchased items for the client to take home as a guide  this is popular due to most clients are wanting to do their garden in stages. 
Event Propagation & Plant Hire 

Each year we have regular events book in with us for plant hire and specific plant propagation for instance our local race course each year at each event hires plants from our business to display around the course & weddings we take orders for annual plants in which we propagate into either baskets for hanging or larger pots to line walkways and entrances or we have orders for flowering centre pieces depending on the season as to what we are able to grow for the event our most popular selections consist of Petunias, Pansy's, Lobelia & Verbena. Please contact our nursery for more information and costings. 

Garden pests & dieses 

      Here at Pearson's we try our best to offer alternative natural remedies where possible for pests & dieses to ensure a safe growing environment for our produce. How ever there isn't alternatives that work for some pests and dieses in which we do have products that are needed for these particular cases instore out trained staff will be more than capable to help you find a solution for your gardening needs.