Plants from Pearson's

At Pearson's we stock a very extensive range of multiple plant  varieties that change seasonally. a large percentage of our plants that are instore are purchased locally by local growers  & are grown to our climate meaning there will be less shock when transplanting allowing us to stock particular plant varieties all year round, As the seasons change we transfer our products that are no longer suitable for planting out to our wholesale to ensure at all times our entire  retail nursery is suitable for  purchasing throughout the current season. 


Pearson's Favourites

David Austin Roses 

Every Cottage Garden needs a David Austin Rose. with abundances of perfumed flowers and soft elegant petals these roses sure are a hard one to beat the classical pastel colours mixed through with the rich burgundy reds look just superb in that country home styled garden. Our top 5 favorites would be -sharifa asthma, Abraham Darby, Winchester Cathedral, Summer song & Lady of Shallot. Pop in-store or phone to find out what varieties are currently available. 


Ornamental Pears 


Ornamental Pears are one of the most elegant trees with rich green growth during spring changing through seasonal colours of reds, burgundy's & yellows as autumn commences then flourishing into a crisp white blossom over the winter period these trees are definitely a fabulous all rounder with our 3 Favourite varieties commonly in stock . Capital is a pencil like shape growing to approximately 11 meters in height by 3 meters in width. Secondly Cleveland select also known as 'Chanticleer' is a lovely egg like shape fabulous for a feature tree venue or fence line tree with a height of approximately 11 meters by 6 meters wide.
Manchurian the most common of the 3 varieties Manchurian is well known for its fabulous canopy and exquisite colour throughout autumn with a growth of 9 meters high 7 meters wide this is a great tree for the front yard.

bloom-blossom-close-up-57394 (1).jpg

Pearson's Flower Seedlings 

Our very own flower seedlings grown by our very own propagation team are an amazing seller in our Retail Nursery we stock a extensive range of varieties that change based on the seasons our top season sellers are: AUTUMN; Cineraria's WINTER; Pansy's SPRING; Petunias SUMMER; Marigolds. all our flower seedlings are climatised and naturally grown as our hot houses are built to allow the local conditions to help produce strong durable plants. 



From Australian Natives to South African  Natives we stock a large range our most popular native plants consist of the following. Leucodendrons, Proteas, Leucospernums, Callistemons, Acacias, Eucalyptus, Banksias, Agonis & Adenanthos we have 10 beds each capable of fitting 200 plants in each throughout the nursery commonly over flowing with amazing native varieties.