Australian Natives & Other Natives 


Carly is one of our senior Horticulturists & has been a part of our Pearson's Family for 10 Years. Her main passion is Native plants. " Natives have a unique ability to grow in places other plants wouldn't survive the main reason for my passion is the exquisite flowers and superb tolerance, one of my top Favorites would be a Isopogon commonly know as a native rose mainly for its unique flower and strong growth habit."

Natives are such diverse plants with variety's suitable for any style Garden from cottage to coastal. We stock all year round an extensive selection of Bird attracting and bee friendly varieties. The following varieties are a guide as to what we commonly stock. Acacia's, Adenanthos, Agonis, Anigozanthos, Banksia, Breynia, Callistemons, Chamelaucium, Correas, Dianellas, Eremophilas, Eucalyptus, Grevillea, Hymenosporum, Isopogon, Kunzeas, Weistringa, Philotheca, Alyogyne, Pimelea, Syzgium, Leptospermum, Melaleuca, Thryptomene, Protea, Leucodendron, Leucospernum, Warratah & many more.

Farm Cells are Available in Autumn for particular varieties please contact the nursery to place a customer order