Hedges & Shrubs

Hedges & Shrubs

Every garden needs a hedge from formal to informal to tropical. We stock an extensive range of different varieties with small hedges to large 
our favorites include.

Portuguese Laurel 
An evergreen, large shrub with glossy dark green leaves with fragrant white flowers followed by a re berry. ideal for screening.Full sun/ Part shade 
frost tolerant.
Caution Harmful if eaten 

Magnolia Kay Parris 
Beautiful evergreen Magnolia ideal medium shrub/tree compact upright features with large white citrus scented flowers great for individual plantings or as an informal hedge.Full sun/ Part shade frost tolerant. 

English Box

Excellent hedge for formal & traditional styled gardens. Great for shaping into topiary's works well in pots & containers recommended spacing of 4 to the meter available in multiple sizes as well as already shaped advance topiary's.


Pittosporum Screenmaster 
Evergreen fast growing hedge with a light green small glossy leaf perfect for dry conditions in Full sun can grow up to 1 meter per year perfect for lining fences and driveways. 



 we also stock. Magnolia Varieties, Buxus variety's, Spindle bush, meterosidous, Weistringa's Pittosporums, Lilly pillies, Ficus, non-invasive Bamboo, Viburnums, Nandina, Photinias, Leptospernums, adenanthos, Cypruss, Choisyas, convolus callistemons, banksias, Hebes, Diosma, & hundreds more varieties instore.
Other Varieties