Composts & Potting Mix


Mushroom Compost

Humus Plus



Cow Manure
organic cow manure supplies more than just a full range of nutrients & trace elements needed for the growth of healthy plants it also improves and increases water retention and aeration. 

Sugar Cane Mulch 


Potting Mix




Terracotta & Tub Mix
This mix is our top quality potting mix which has a high water retention and is perfect for terracotta pots it can be added to general potting mix lines to create more nutrients.

Blood & Bone


This Organic compost is a valuable product for all types of garden soils and plants. it can be used as a mulch, soil conditioner, fertiliser or potting mix .

This compost improves clay & sandy soils by increasing organic matter. improves soil and provides a food source and environment for earth worms.

General potting is a basic potting mix we recommend to use as a filler or mix it in with our top of the range terracotta and tub

Blood & bone is a universal fertiliser ideal for feeding all garden plants especially fruiting trees. it is recommended to add while preparing a garden bed to add nutrients to the existing soil.